Welcome to the Deseo collaborations and sponsors area, and thank you for your interest! My name’s Ximena de la Serna, Audiovisual Communicator, colour analyst, and creator of Deseo Beauty and its Youtube channel.

Deseo Hair’s blog (, born in April 2012, was the precursor of Deseo Beauty. That blog and its Youtube channel became so popular that was necessary: a blog dedicated to all beauty, health, lifestyle, and life goals for those dynamic women who want to improve themselves and live happier, more beautiful lives. Or for those who, like me with PCOS, have gone through conditions that can affect their emotions or the way they see themselves. Deseo has been rated 5 stars by magazines like Cuore Spain.

Deseo Audience

A few social media stats August 2014:

19,500+ Youtube subscribers

3,000+ Facebook followers

1,400+ Instagram followers

1,200+ Twitter followers  

(For all my complete stats, please do ask me for my Media Kit)  


The Deseo audience are women between 25 and 44 who are not just looking for the latest beauty hype, but for solutions to their more specific problems like adult acne, hair thinning, age spots, or hormonal problems. They’re very sophisticated and social and love everything to do with the ‘happy lifestyle’: travelling and experiencing unusual places, decoration, fashion, wedding, photography, and crafts, amongst others. They’re avid consumers of online and offline entertainment.

If you think my followers will love your product, service, or event and you’d like to discover what Deseo Beauty and its community can do for your brand, drop me an email to, and I’ll send you the Media Kit. We’ll make a plan to work together and promote you.