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5 Anti Ageing Products that Won’t Give You Acne

Well girlfriends as your personal guinea pig, after many trials (and expensive errors that played havoc on my skin as I suffer from adult acne due to PCOS) I want to bring you 5 of my favourite anti ageing products that help the ageing cause but NOT CAUSE ACNE. This is an almost imposible marriage but I’ve found them. Here we go:

  1. Advanced Night Repair de Estée Lauder: the well-known serum. Until today ALL serums I’ve tried have given me some kind of acne, this has been the only one that has behaved. It’s a liquid serum that’s absorbed quickly and leaves no residue. And it’s good for all ages. 5 drops are enough for the entire face.

  3. Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum de No7: This serum, despite having salicylic acid, does give me acne if I apply to the entire face. However, this product can be used on the eye area – unlike most – and that’s where I like it. I get no comedones from it which is unusual. This is the famous serum that showed in that BBC documentary a few years ago in which it showed to be the only serum that gave real results so I’m very happy because my most problematic area – ageing speaking – are the eyes.

  5. Aceite limpiador L’Oreal: This is not an anti-ageing product itself but, as it’s an oil, it doesn’t harm the skin and protects against dryness which is an enemy of youth. This is a dry oil that you saw me loving in my favourites of the month here and I’m still using (one bottle lasts forever!). Remove it with a muslin cloth, a magic mitt or facial sponge. It leaves no residue and nurtures the skin.

  7. Peeling enzimático de Klapp: exfoliating the skin is essential to keep two things at bay: wrinkles and pimples. However exfoliating beads break me out as they irritate the skin disturbing the comedons and causing them to become infected pimples. The wonder of this peel is that it’s an enzyme one so you don’t have to rub. It also helps collagen production and dry existing spots. Another one I like is this one.

  9. SPF 50+ de Heliocare: Up to 95% of skin ageing is caused by the sun. Take that. And if you want to see it with your own eyes don’t miss this video. Wear high and very high SPF EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. The trouble is that all facial sunscreens I’ve tried, including Avene (a brand I love for acne), leave me 1. greasy,  2. ghost white, 3. with ACNE. This is the only wonder that kills the 3 problems. It really is my number 1.


And with these 5 super powerful angels we’ve been served. I urge cosmetic companies to do more research on anti-ageing products that get past that just ‘non-comedogenic’ label and can be called truly non-acneic. Really, we are many, many women who suffer from this problem and are ready to buy and use what really helps!

Tell me your experience, beauties, let’s help each other:


Which non-acneic anti ageing product do you love?


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