Wishlist Ximena verano 2014

I Want It! Summer 2014 Wishlist


1. Ted Baker – Multi Colour Scalloped Floral Strapless Swimsuit

2. Victoria’s Secret Sensual Blush Body Cream

3. Sosie Brook Earrings in Teal

4. Calvin Klein Eternity for Women 

5. Clarisonic Mia in Turquoise

6. Ted Baker Jemmee Ballet Flats

I’m obsessed with turquoise. Every shade of turquoise: Pure Turquoise, Robbin Egg, Mint, Duck Egg, Teal… I’ve been obsessed with it all my life judging by the amount of stuff I own in this colour but I have never been aware of it until now. During our recent move Michael said: ‘If you could, you’d wrap yourself in that colour.’ And he was right! Now I consciously choose this shade for everything together with gold and coral. I can state it now.  

Right until now I had never published a wishlist in the blog and, to be honest, I was really looking forward to sharing with you all those things I’m in love with and that I’d love to get for this summer. Some things are more affordable than others but that’s what wishlists are for: for dreaming  

Do I need words to describe my selection? I’m the swimsuits number 1 fan. Especially if they have that pin-up style. They hug your body to perfection and they’re tremendously elegant – elegance comes first to me even if I’m in the water and I feel quite naked in a bikini which doesn’t make me feel too glamorous -. Ted Baker is one of my most loved designers because of his bold use of warm, bright colours. That’s why the swimsuit and the ballet flats have earned a special spot in my heart. I get sparkly eyes when looking at them! I see myself wrapped in these beauties together with the sweet and cocktail-like scent of the famous Victoria’s Secret lotion and… awww… I’m in this latitude no more!  

Have any of you tried Eternity by Calvin Klein? Call me nostalgic and old fashioned but I can almost swear it’s the best scent in the world.  

And, by the way, it’s not only that I’ve been wanting a Clarisonic for the longest time, but a turquoise Clarisonic? Excuse me? It’s got my name on it!  

I’m encouraging you to share your wishlists with me because, remember: Wishing something is the first step to get it. Happy weekend, beauties!  

PS: Before I forget, what do you think of me blogging in both languages? There are so many people here in London who ask me to write in English so they can read me that I’ve decided to start! Also, with my new shift in No7, I want to start blogging at least 3 times a week instead of two, so don’t forget to check this space every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Do you like both ideas?  

What are you wishing for this summer?


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