Haul H&M summer 2014

Summer Haul and Colour Analysis Guide

While I was taking the pictures for this post I realised something rather funny: almost all my clothing hauls are H&M! And it’s not that I have any affiliation with them or that they pay me for the posts (they don’t even give me the clothes for free!) But for some reason I always end up in H&M and I always end up finding things I like there. In this particular shopping trip I went to Topshop first with all my good intentions of finding something but I completely failed. Let’s blame it to the fact that it was just a small shop in Charing Cross, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. And then, call it destiny, H&M was just across the road and it only just made sense to pop in. An hour later I left the shop with a few items and it was already time to meet my friend Richard, who was in town, for a coffee. End of the story. Next time I will avoid H&M on purpose. But just once, ok?


Grey embellished top

blusa gris H&M

blusa gris detalle

A beautiful soft warm grey (suitable for an autumn like me) with a lot of stones on the neckline taking the place of my beloved statement necklaces. I bought it rather big because the style shows better like that on my body.


College style top

camiseta university

sports detalle H&M summer 2014

The colour is stunning and it gives me a lot of luminosity which you will also get if you’ve got a warm and rather soft colouring. But even if you are more clear and saturated than me you can use this top paired with some sort of powerful or neon scarf or jacket. I want to pair this top with skinny jeans and tucked at the front. Throw a nice open hoody and a pair of high heel sandals and wait for the turning heads! Take note: I’ll cut the sleeves for a sexier look.


Chocolate top

Blusa chocolate H&M

You saw me on this on Monday’s video. A beautiful neutral soft chocolate for the warm seasons girls that will mix perfectly with other colours (warm and earthy work best) and that will allow you to wear the biggest of the statement necklaces, yay! This chocolate hue pairs really well with pink and gold pink like the necklace I’m wearing in the video. I love the light texture of its fabric. I bought the golden rings in the same trip and I was thinking of decorating the top with them. Don’t judge me! I’m an 80s’ child!


Little Black Dress

Vestido negro LBD H&M summer 2014

vestido detalle LBD H&M summer 2014

Black is not precisely my colour as I’m a deep autumn soft (it’s a myth that black looks good on everyone. In fact it leaves most people washed out and tired looking. One day soon I’ll tell you how this myth was created). But I’ve got a LBD themed party so I thought this dress would be the best choice. It doesn’t have sleeves so it shows a lot of skin near the face which is good to draw attention away from the black colour. And I will perform two tricks: 1. I’m going to paint the neckline detail in gold (one of my power colours) and 2. I’ll use my hair as an accessory. I’ll wear my Deseo Hair extensions to make my mane more prominent and I’ll wear it on both sides of the face or all in one side. I’ll curl and wave it to give it more volume and that way I’ll make my hair the absolute protagonist of the outfit. Problem? What problem?


Basic top

Haul verano Camiseta básica H&M summer 2014

Detalle camiseta básica H&M summer 2014

I fell in love with the thick pale cream cotton of this top and the little scalloped detail on the neckline which transforms this basic piece. It’s perfect to wear under open blazers. I tried on about 4 of those but I didn’t like any of them However the piece is a must for many pairings. Furthermore, this shade looks good on any season girl as long as she pairs it with a blazer in one of her power colours and with an adequate level of contrast for her. For me I was trying to wear it with a dark navy blazer and the result is fantastic.


It was quite the unexpected shopping trip but I left with a few interesting and versatile pieces for my season (even the LBD can be adapted to me!) The most important thing to always dress well is exactly that: dress with the colours, tones and contrast level that are best for you, otherwise you risk looking childish, amateurish or just badly dressed. So don’t forget you can get your own personal analysis and consultation with me, you just need to order yours here a dress well forever!


Would you like to see more hauls and pairings?

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