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Vichy Dermablend Body Foundation & La Roche Posay Anthelios Compact

During July and August I have been testing these new products that caught my attention so much. In early June the girl from Vichy and La Roche Posay came to give us their regular class for beauty consultants on both houses’ new products for the summer. And when she showed me these two guys I was left craving them, wanting to use them and show all of you whether they really are worthwhile since they are just the type of cosmetics that we like so much in Deseo!

1.Because the Anthelios XL has got 50+ SPF ( and you all know my obsession with the sun , especially when using AHAs) and i’s also a foundation at the same time!

2. Because the Dermablend Body allows you to have nice looking legs without any sun or self tan !

How did they perform? What rating would I give them? Keep reading because I’ll show you everything.


Vichy Dermablend Body Foundation 16h

dermablend body makeup | Deseo Beauty

Before we start with this one, a reminder: it comes in 3 shades and both the medium and dark (Medium and Tan ) are quite dark. I’m pale and my legs are between 1 and 2 shades paler than the rest of my body (does anyone else get this?) And the Medium I used here was a tad darker than what I’d have liked. Truth is I don’t have any problems with my legs being whiter than white, as long as the product evens the tone out and leaves me with nice smooth looking skin, I’m happy with it (let’s celebrate sunless skin!) So in this case I should have used the lightest of the Dermablend shades. It should also be noted that both the Medium and Tan have a rather orangey base (maybe because the ultra resistant pigments made with iron oxides), but if you buff the Medium well the result is far from an artificial orangey tone.

swatch vichy dermablend body | Deseo Beauty

Having said that, I’ve only got words of praise for this product. The biggest claim is that it gives you a very high coverage that’s long lasting and resistant to everything (sweat, water , rubbing) and to be honest, that’s where I was doubting it. Well, it won me over. Until now I had always used light self tan lotions but they always faded sooner or later and transferred on to clothing. If you remember, a few weeks ago I was camping at Blogstock and I took this product with me to put it to the hardest test. It was not about using it on a nice day when you wear a skirt and are careful with everything. There we were in shorts, wellingtons and sitting down for 1 hour sessions on plastic chairs or on the grass. And you saw how it rained. I remember during one of the talks it was getting quite hot and I started going neurotic thinking the Dermablend was melting and was going to be left all over the chair when I stood up. Imagine my surprise when I got up and there was nothing. I did it. I got away with it. B)

Vichy Dermablend Body Medium | Deseo Beauty

And it stayed on my legs all day. And all night. And the next day. That I really didn’t expect! It stays on the skin for a really long time, and a simple shower is not enough to remove it. Best thing to do is to use some body lotion or oil before a shower, give it a little massage and then use a loofa once under the water. It’s not a massive job and it’s totally worth it for a product that really stays where it needs to be.

Vichy Dermablend Body foundation review | Deseo Beauty

The finish is another thing that surprised me since it’s something that doesn’t look like a self tan but more like actual foundation. Instead of just sitting on the skin giving color, it blends well and leaves the appearance of fine stockings. When I applied it the girls were around and all of them agreed that the finish was like I had put stockings on. And I like that. It’s like putting a filter on the skin, a ‘soft focus’ effect where everything looks nice and smooth (instagram effect shall we call it?). I applied it sparingly and using a tanning mitt. I think that’s the best way to achieve that natural ‘good skin’ look. In the photo above you can see the effect and the final color (on my right hand) compared to the left one. You can see how with just a little it has quite concealed the beauty spot I have near the index finger which you can see well in the photo before. If you let the layers dry and keep applying on more it promises to cover veins, scars and even black ink tattoos.

Verdict: I love it and I like it much more than a self tan. I plan to continue using it although I’ll probably buy the lightest shade next time as I don’t want to add any color.


Anthelios XL Compact Creme 50+

Anthelios XL Crema compacta review | Deseo BeautyAnd this one was the other product I really wanted to try. As you may know I use spf 50+ on my face every day, be it January or August the UK or Colombia . My skin gets dark spots quite easily  and I also use AHAs to keep acne at bay, not to mention the sun itself is the cause of up to 95% of skin ageing (if you have not seen this video and want to see really how the sun ages your skin, I highly recommend it, but keep in mind it can be shocking!). The downside is that you have to re apply protection throughout the day and that means having to spoil your face of makeup. And do we do it? No. Therefore, Oh la, la ! A compact foundation that comes with a mirror and a sponge and has SPF 50+! I had to try it.

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Reseña | Deseo BeautyThis little guy also made it with me to Blogstock (as you can see in my travel bag here) and I used it all weekend. And I was happy. We must note that this product is a sunscreen with foundation and not a foundation with sunscreen. Meaning protection is more important than the aesthetic finish and so it only comes in two colours (Sand/Beige and Gold) and the coverage is medium/natural, which is more than enough for a weekend camping or to wear while we’re on a holiday at the beach. If we want a flawless look for work or a night out it’s probably not the best option. Also, since it’s got such high protection it’s not a good idea if we are going to be photographed with flash. But during Blogstock I got many photos taken without flash and had no problems.

Anthelios XL compact swatch | Deseo BeautyThe lightest shade, which is the one I’m using, is a bit pink, the gold one has a warmer base, but it’s also darker. However, it’s got such a natural coverage that it doesn’t leave any obvious differences in skin tone. I think the best way to use this product on a day to day basis is to use it as a complement, take it with you in your bag and have the ability to retouch your makeup and, especially, your sunscreen wherever you are and without spoiling the work you’ve already done . And that really is invaluable because the sun is so dangerous and damaging to the skin! Every product that comes to help is welcome. I say hurray to La Roche Posay for this idea!

Anthelios XL Crema compacta reseña | Deseo BeautyIn this photo above I applied the cream with my fingers for a more opaque effect, the sponge gives a more natural finish and it’s better for the retouching I was talking anout. Throughout Blogstock many people finished off with a burned face (yes it rained, but sun rays don’t understand clouds); I’m paler than the Italians and the French who got burned, yet I finished my camping adventure with my skin in perfect condition. The consistence is quite creamy doesn’t have too much colour staying power. You need to top it up with some loose powder.

Verdict: It’s a yes. Great for “Carry it in your bag and stay calm” I’ll keep using the product for ‘touch ups’ while wearing my 50+ Heliocare and my daily foundation underneath. On weekends or at the beach I could use it on its own. If you don’t have many imperfections and live in a dry place, it can be your daily foundation while being super protected!

Many thanks for reading, beauties! I’m amazed with your daily following! Remember if you have any questions or concerns regarding this review you can always leave me a comment below or ask me via twitter or facebook.

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What similar products do you recommend?


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