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IMATS London 2014 – The Adventure

Warning: this post is full of emotion and happiness. This year I’ve been to IMATS London for the first time! And did I enjoy it! Truth is last year I tried to attend as a blogger but you need to have quite strong stats to be invited and I wasn’t at that point yet back then. But come 2014 and Chantele from KPG, the PR agency that deals with IMATS, kindly sent me an invitation. Happy!

I had my pass for both the 28th and 29th of June, but I ended up going only on the Saturday since the event is not that big and also two things played an important role in the decision:

I did attend all the masterclasses I was interested in on the first day

I spent my budget. Of course.

Note to self: next year start saving in January because it’s like being in Disneyland with up to 60 and 70% off deals and all those American brands that we love but are harder (and more expensive) to find in Europe. Yes, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, I’m looking at you. But don’t worry, on Friday I’ll be uploading a video haul of what I got during the show. Today, let’s adventure together in the IMATS 2014 experience. Let’s go!


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liptar obsessive compulsive cosmetics imats london 2014

Historically IMATS London used to happen during the autumn/winter and in Alexandra Palace (which is closer to me), but last year they changed it to Olympia (South West London) and it’s now carried in June. This is so much better, to be honest, because this way we don’t have to carry our coats everywhere with us which is a blessing when you have to carry dozens of bags (although I was smart and took a little trolley with me. I don’t carry loads!). IMATS L.A used to be the one in June but the organisers, in a wisdom spell, swapped them around. Hey, it’s never really winter in L.A, so they don’t mind.

As soon as you went through the entrance we had a huge Royal & Langnickel stand, the ultra famous brushes in the most amazing colours, variety and prices! It looked like a candy stall, so pretty and so tempting.

NYX had two stands this year, including a huge one on the middle of the place with the longest queue of the whole show. Prices weren’t THAT reduced, but that didn’t discouraged us from standing the long queue to spend our well earned 5 minutes of glory playing and choosing. To be honest NYX was the brand I got the most items from, I wanted to try a few new things for a while (even though the brand is not new to me, I’ve been using some of their shadows and primers for a while) and I never got myself to put the order through.

Sigma were present in a little stand from a cosmetics shop. There I could finally see the new – version II – brush cleaning glove. It’s quite bulky and fun but it doesn’t catch my interest enough for me to spend my budget in it.


Besame IMATS london 2014 deseo beauty

There was a new brand I was really pleased to see. It’s called Bésame (Spanish for ‘Kiss Me’) and it’s all vintage cosmetics. I’ve heard of it somewhere before, probably online or in some other blog, but I had never have the opportunity to try it first hand. So beautiful. All their products are packaged like they were in the sweet 20s’ and the glamorous 50s’, even the staff looked like they just came from another time and age. Between us, I know how we, Deseos, like all this old style stuff even when we want to be so modern.


Sugarpill imats london 2014 ximena de la serna

An on the other hand, Sugarpill had to stand out with their amazing colours and over the top paraphernalia. So manga, so happy!


Hakuhodo IMATS london 2014 deseo beauty

Of course Hakuhodo were there with their elegant Japanese minimalism. Their brushes are, again and again, the most beautiful and soft that I’ve ever seen. But, as usual, they don’t do sales or promotions. Hey, good for them, they’ve reached that level of luxury and they don’t think about it twice (a very Japanese attitude). They’ve earned honor and respect this way (again, Japan) since they started manufacturing the best brushes for the fine art of calligraphy.


Maquillaje 1 IMATS london 2014

Pandora IMATS London 2014 Deseo beauty

The most fascinating thing, other than the masterclasses, was of course observing the amount of monsters, fairies, pans and fantasy beings that kept popping up from every corner and corridor turn. I couldn’t photograph them all but I’ve got a very nice selection of the ones that struck me the most.


ogro IMATS Londres 2014 Ximena de la serna

One of those gentle monsters was, in reality, a twenty something very sweet girl that had been transformed into an old and ugly ogre. She even invited me to feel the artificial skin her mask was made with and I have to say it weirdly felt like real skin, a very tough, real skin! I was astonished. 

IMATS London 2014 ximena de la serna

naked cosmetics IMATS london 2014

And from the masterclasses I couldn’t miss my favourites in the list:

  1. The Art of Highlighting and Contouring with Fugmi Odegbami – my fauvorite. This very skilled woman taught us how to do the infamous Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria contouring and highlighting to slim a nose, lift the cheekbones and hide a double chin.
  2. Editorial Make-up to Avant Garde with the incredible Einat Dan – she performed the most beautiful and over the top editorial makeup and at an astonishing speed.
  3. A perfect Canvas with Vargas – which I loved since he explained how to asses the bone structure of a person in order to apply makeup like a master using lines, arches and angles.


IMATS London 2014 was a really great experience and I can’t wait to go back next year. This time I’ll be more prepared (I’m talking money, of course, haha!) and, hopefully, I’ll know of other Spanish bloggers attending too because this year I couldn’t get in touch with any of them and I’d have loved to meet them in person! And, I must be a bit blind because later I learned that TheMakeupStatement, EsteeMakeupArtist, MMMakeupArtist and SabrisWorld had been there. TOTALLY BLIND.


Happy midweek, beauties, I hope you can wait until Friday for the haul!


Have you been to any IMATS? Share it!


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