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My Top 5
Anti Split Ends Products

The Ends Police:

  • Aveda Dry Remedy Oil: A silicone-free oil and a very, very nutritious one. It smells great. Use very little because a few drops are magic but one too many can end up a bit oily.

  • Organix Argan Oil of Morocco: I talk about it all the time. So far it’s the most beautiful dry oil I’ve tried and the one that has given me the best results without weighing my hair down. Since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed a real difference in the amount of dry and split ends.

  • 100% Virgin coconut oil: Simply the BEST to protect fine hair from dryness and split ends. I use it the nights before washing my hair when going to bed. It’s a lightweight oil and it’s very easy to remove with a simple wash.

  • Scrunchies: Especially if they are velvety for when you sleep. The secret is to tie all your hair up on a stylish ‘pineapple’ when sleeping so that there’s no friction during the night that could break the your ends.

  • Duo natural bristles hair brush:  This brush combines traditional plastic bristles that gently detangle your hair with very dense natural – usually boar -bristles. While the first detangle, the the second help remove frizz, static and spread the natural hair oils which are going to protect the ends. I carry mine in my bag and I worship it.


It’s no secret: the finer the hair the more dry and split ends. Dry ends end up breaking and this is often the reason why some people seem to grow their hair faster than others. Actually we all grow our hair at about the same speed but dry, brittle hair is losing more inches every day. (Ta-Dah Myth revealed!): D

Our motto today: ‘Take care of your hair as if it were your finest garment”.


Are you a ‘split ends’ victim or do you enjoy an ‘iron mane’?


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