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As fine hair beauties we know it by heart: there is no way to hair volume with these three hairs! I don’t want to repeat the same story to those who already know me as why, because of PCOS, I lost a lot of hair during my teens (although I recovered a decent amount and I talk more about it in this post in Spanish – Sorry!). So if you are one of the wonderful new followers I receive each day, I give a huge welcome and, if you understand Spanish, I really recommend you read the post and see the video if hair loss is something that worries you.

On several occasions I’ve shared some of my tricks to make my hair look its best (to the point where many of you pay me a compliment me and ask me the secret formula for hair recovery and/or to make fine hair look much more abundant). The truth is there’s not a magic formula nor is it just one or two things, but rather an ongoing effort by put a little love in it and, above all, by trying many products to be able to choose the very best for our hair. So today, after yesterday’s voluminous curls for fine hair video and to spare you the pain of trying a hundred things before finding the one that’s right, I want to dedicate a post to review my top 5 products for fine hair that have helped me achieve that look of volume during the past year or more. Proven, tested and approved by me. Here we go!

  • Babyliss Root Boost – It’s not a novelty in this blog. You’ve seen me use it and recommend it on video and in writing. The truth is that there’s nothing like it because the concept of creating a secret ‘wrinkle’ in the root that will raise the hair without anyone noticing, is a blast. And I have not seen it in any other brand!

  • Charles Worthington Volume Treatment – This was a discovery I made by chance when I bought some products on sale in Boots. It’s a big bottle and it takes so little each time you use it that it will last you a long time. The best way to use it is when we are putting our hair mask in the shower: rub a little (the size of 2 peas) in the roots only and leave for a few minutes while you wash your body. It doesn’t give you an exaggerated volume but it definitely pumps the root so it doesn’t sit flat against your head.

  • Secador profesional Tony & Guy – Actually any professional hair dryer (at least 2000W) will make a difference and I’m being serious. The difference between using a normal dryer and using one with enough power and heat is massive. First, because when you dry upside down it does give you more volume and locks it in less time, and, second, because having more power you decrease hair drying time which could make fine hair become spongy and frizzy. Really worth the splurge if we’re after hair volume.

  • Organix Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil– This super nourishing oil is not exactly a volumising one, BUT it’s one of the few oils and serums I’ve found that nourishes like crazy and won’t make you lose the volume you’ve achieved. Oh, and it smells divine (very important fact).

  • Umberto Giani Back comb spray – This is the texturising spray I talked about in yesterday’s video. It’s a spray that mimics the backcombing effect without you having to do it or it also helps keep the backcomb you already did without weighing it down like hairspray can. I like to spray it in sections just after using the Babyliss Root Boost. They make the best couple.

And this is it! A small selection of my favourite products to pump that mane volume. I could add some more and I can’t wait to share more tricks and ‘little secrets’ with you but I better keep the secret for now so I can tell you next time For now you’ve got homework to do. And now …

Do you know any volumising shampoo that doesn’t create frizz?


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