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Yay! What’s better than a Friday? A Thursday morning giveaway!

Welcome to the first Deseo Beauty September giveaway and the fourth day of daily blog posts. First and foremost, I take my hat off because I’m on a cloud of happiness seeing your comments every day and your sharing and all the time you spend telling me how much you like that I’m publishing daily. Let’s continue this wonderful Deseo family wave!

And to thank you once again for all your generous support and great energy (here everyone comes with happiness and joy! Haters? What haters? :D) So here’s the promised new section of one giveaway a week during the month of September. What a great back to school/office! Isn’t it?


Win a Maybelline + Vichy Perfect Skin Kit

Giveaway Vichy Maybelline | Deseo Beauty

Hey! The Vichy Dermablend Body Foundation from yesterday’s review is included! Well, of course! I have an extra one in Tan, which is a deep color but I’m thinking that most of you have got a bit of a tan this summer and so this color will help keep you keep that summer feel for longer. And if you want to lighten the tone, you can mix it with some lotion and use a tanning mitt (cheap stuff) and magic! You can adapt it to your taste and desire.

Giveaway Baby Skin Maybelline | Deseo Beauty

Next, the famous new Maybelline primer will also be yours. It leaves your skin soft and ready for your foundation to go on smoothly and last for hours …Bye bye, pores!

Giveaway SuperStay Better Skin Maybelline | Deseo Beauty

And, of course, the foundation that has been my favourite over the summer months: the new Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin. It promises to improve the appearance of your skin in 3 weeks with its vitamin cocktail and the best thing is that it doesn’t cause any breakouts and has SPF 20. I’ve chosen SAND Because it’s quite a neutral base. If it doesn’t suit your tone perfectly, mix it with 1/3 of your usual foundation and it will adjust as it is so neutral.

What do you think of my perfect skin kit?

How to enter the giveaway

I’m going to use Rafflecopter for the first time so I hope I get everything right!

  1. It’s an international giveaway
  2. You need to be 18 or over or have your parents permission
  3. All the steps to participate need to be done through the Rafflecopter entry form below .


To enter is mandatory:

  • Leave me a comment telling me what country you live in (for me it’s very important to know where you guys visit me from!) and what kind of future content you’ll like to see here in Deseo.
  • Like my page on Facebook

And you’re in!

But if you want extra entries:

  • Send the tweet in the rafflecopter form (you can do this once a day for an extra entry a day!) The tweet is: I’m participating in @DeseoHair’s Perfect Skin kit #giveaway #win #competition #bbloggers
  • Follow me on Pinterest (1 extra entry)
  • Upload the giveaway picture to your Pinterest (1 extra entry)

And that’s it!

Entries will close on Wednesday the 10th of September at 11.59 London time (GMT).

The winner will be picked and contacted within 24h and they’ve got 2 days (48h) to accept their prize. If I don’t receive an answer I’ll draw another winner.

THANK YOU, BEAUTIES! And happy almost weekend! Good luck and…

Let’s participate!

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