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London can inspire almost any fashion style, and if we take a stroll through the more industrial areas and its history during the 80s (Go, Children of the 80s!) is that punk force and the revolution – particularly the anti -Thatcher one – that fills my mind with ideas. I have to confess: I go crazy with the fashion of this time and place. And today I wanted to pay tribute with an updated look but a clearly inspired one. Let’s call it a London Calling ;) University outfits | Deseo BeautyI love this look because it reminds me a lot of my own style during my late teens and my early 20s, the university years when (surprise) I spent many evenings in meetings and demonstrations and many more in libraries and cafes studying (I have to admit I’ve always been a little nerd! ha ha!) but always very aware of what my outfit expressed about myself. My mother used to fight with me because I never ever put on a skirt. Can you believe it? The immense power of the subtlety powerful femininity was something that took me a lot longer to discover.
School looks | Deseo BeautyAnd that’s why I love this outfit: in my 30s now I’ve achieved assertiveness and my sense of style has matured enough to be able to take the best of that rebellious, and a bit more masculine, fashion and work it so that femininity breathes through every pore of this outfit. The very style of a powerful Deseo woman, don’t you think?
Looks para clase | Deseo BeautyFor this look I chose dark and tight high-waisted jeans that lead us directly to that style I was talking about. A checkered shirt could have been the ideal companion but we risk getting into an uniform so a very feminine blouse gives balance and updates the look. Remember to choose it in pure white only if you’re a winter woman and cream or off-white (pinky or salmony) depending on whether you are warm or cool. I love this outfit for you, school and university students. But I wore it recently for the Bloggers Love’s pre Fashion Week event.
Complementos otoño | Deseo BeautyYou see, for the first time I wear accessories in silver instead of gold. This time we’re doing an ode to a very specific style that requires very specific accessories; gold  would have made no sense, yet I’ve allowed myself some in my bag as otherwise I wouldn’t be wearing any warm colours  and could risk losing my essence. My favorite here is this Furla watch that I still don’t know whether it originally was a man’s or a woman’s style. I love it. It’s one of my treasures.
Zapatos otoño | Deseo BeautyThe other masculine element – quite a la Yves Saint Laurent – are shoes. Shoes are one of the things that defined the rebellious fashion of the 80s and that you could still see a lot of during the early 90s. As you can see, the total look is a constant balance between the feminine and the masculine.
Fall Fashion | Deseo BeautyAnd, of course, hair and lips are the most feminine elements of this look.Use them without moderation!

Extra Tip: tuck only one side of the shirt. It will help you regain the waistline without losing the ‘punk’ essence of the shirt out.

And with this powerful look we’re ready for a last minute London Calling. Run, fly, jump, but don’t miss it!
Looks para clase | Deseo Beauty

What’s your favourite fashion era?


Hair Extensions :: Deseo Hair #6
Glasses :: Nine West
Watch :: Furla – Alice in Wonderland Edition
Bracelet :: Marks & Spencer
Necklace :: Old
Bag :: Martina K (old)
Ring :: Sfera
Blouse :: H&M
Jeans :: H&M
Shoes :: Zara

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All clothes have been purchased with my own money.



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  • I hate how pretty you are, but god I love these posts! Your watch is definitely my favourite bit too.