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How to Wear a Colour Outside Our Palette

Morning, colour beauties! I’m sure you’ve wondered more than once if it’s possible to wear a colour you love but that is definitely not in your power palette. This is usually because you’re warm and the colour is cool or viceversa.

Well, within reason, you can!

Outfit Zara cool tones. Autumn 2014 | Deseo Beauty

As you know I’m a Soft Autumn Deep and, therefore, I’m warm; although not excessively, since my season is a delicate balance between cool and warm but definitely favours warm tones. However, today’s top is evidently cool toned; it’s not quite silver yet however, it’s more of a taupe. Obviously not one of my power colours, but I can wear it.

Outfits fiesta otoño | Deseo Beauty

Party outfit autumn | Deseo Beauty

The secret once again is in the detail, not so much in the accessories this time, but in something else: our own skin as a colour accessory.

Autumn accessories 2014 | Deseo Beauty

Wether you are cool or warm and want to wear a colour on the opposite temperature, choose to show a lot of skin around your face (neck, décolletage, arms and shoulders) to really separate that colour from you and make warmth more evident (or coolness if you’re cool) with the rest of the outfit, including all your accessories and makeup.

Next Statement Necklace Autumn | Deseo Beauty

Zara Shoes Autumn | Deseo Beauty

Of course, if you are going to be showing that much skin on top, your legs must be covered. Just an extra style tip And keep in mind that wearing the colours within your palette is always far more easy and flattering than trying to find ways to wear other shades. This tip works with some colours and some seasons, but not all of them! There’s many things to keep in mind, so make it a duty to always go for your own palette for ultimate ease and wow effect.

If you’re a soft season – either cool or warm – this tip is made for you, but the 4 pure seasons must keep away from the colours in their opposite palettes.

Autumn Fashion 2014 | Deseo Beauty

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What will you want to learn about colour?


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