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Autumn Solstice
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We finally, and officially, started autumn yesterday. For a few weeks days are getting shorter and the temperature is slowly dropping. Some nights are still warm and we open the window to sleep, wake up to a cloudy morning and need to arm ourselves with an umbrella just in case. It might already be drizzling.

Autumn fashion | Deseo Beauty

But autumn is, for me, a symbol, an event, a time that, like spring, I look forward to. As an autumn woman (because of my natural colouring) this range of rich, velvety and, above all, warm and golden colours are like a feast and they make my creative juices come alive!

moda otoño 2014 | Deseo Beauty

Deep shades, we welcome you to the closet! Autumn women, this is our season! Let’s abuse it because, just like the summer requires acidic and bright tones and winter calls for darker shades, autumn – as a transition – looks for all those berries mixed with soft neutrals and acidic touches like the ones in the necklace here.

Complementos otoño | Deseo Beauty

I like to think of autumn fashion as a challenge to copy Nature with accessories that emulate leaves and tones that chase the idea of wood and the reddish sky approaching winter. If we were a winter woman we could wear those berry colours closer to the face, but if we’re warm let’s use these for bottoms, skirts and shoes.

Autumn shoes | Deseo Beauty

Choose an accessory that you want to emphasise and leave others in the light, neutral tones of autumn. Even if you’re a winter woman and white is one of your power colours, I’d leave it for when we are in winter. It can be too overpowering for a soft season like this in which we are

Bolsos de otoño | Deseo Beauty

Moda de otoño | Deseo Beauty

And if the sun comes out and greets us with its warm embrace, we are also ready. I love tops like this, very light but 100% wool. It’ll keep you warm and cosy but letting you breath and feel fresh if the sun peeks out. Autumn is also the season of light and waterproof trench coats. A tip: while in spring trench coats can be worn without lining, make sure it’s lined in autumn. They are warmer and dress you more so they’re much better transitional pieces when the cold is approaching.

Autumn Hair | Deseo Beauty

Today is definitely one of my favourite outfits: warm in color and temperature, soft, full of tones and shades, ready for any change and ultra comfortable. To the point that if I want to leave the secret garden and the door won’t open, I can always, you know …


Tendencias otoño | Deseo Beauty

London Autumn | Deseo Beauty

And out on my way I am!


What’s your favourite fashion season?


Hair Extensions :: Deseo Hair #6
Red Umbrella :: Pylones
Necklace :: Old
Bag :: Just Fab
Rings :: Accessorise & Jewellery
Top :: TK Maxx
Leggings :: Cortefiel
Trench Coat :: Primark
Shoes :: Just Fab

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  • shanaz

    U r like mary poppinn bbe i lovee the colors and your hair looks beautifull xx