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Blush & Gold Lunch Break

If you catch me in the spot and ask me what I want for a quick lunch, more often than not I’ll answer in 2 seconds. Steamed mussels in white wine sauce. With chunky chips, of course. There’s no other ‘fast food’ (fast because it IS fast, not because it’s junk) dish as healthy, light, filling and inexpensive. It’s got it all. And my mouth starts watering. The perfect lunchtime break dish. I don’t have to think about it for too long:

Zara otoño 2014 Deseo beauty

If you’re an autumn woman (warm, dark and soft) you might have hear me saying that pink is not your best colour, especially if you are quite warm, and that you should stay away from it. However, there’s a kind of pink, warmer and less saturated (not pastel, because that’s not your shade either) that’s going to look great on you particularly if you are quite soft: blush.

The secret is to accessorise it with quite a bit of gold and rose gold since blush alone can be a bit pale for you. This Zara’s top illustrates the point perfectly because it’s got gold thread and sequin intertwined.

Bolso color blocking Deseo Beauty

Bring the contrast up a bit with a pair of comfy trousers – a pair that allow you to sit in the office for long periods of time – in a warmer and more fun shade, after all autumn is all about colour, like you! Do the same with the other accessories so you are not plain: a colour block bag with accents in your power colours, a statement watch in rose gold, a cute arm candy… see?

A pair of ballet flats in blush or cream with, again, gold details, tie the look together and make it look complete. Heels, yes, but when you have to run to grab a table in the busy lunch break, you’ll be the winner!

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And if you had to wait in the queue, you wouldn’t get tired. Come on, it’s still Tuesday…

Pantalón zara otoño 2014 Deseo Beauty

zapatos zara 2014 Deseo Beauty

After all you’ll get your table in style and you’ll only have to decide the drink. Tip: ask for you mussels as soon as you walk in so they can get ready while you sit and choose the Sauvignon Blanc

Autumn Fashion 2014 Deseo Beauty

What wear in autumn Zara Deseo Beauty

Mejillones al vapor Deseo Beauty

As my reader Patricia’s professor used to say: “God is in the details”. A nicely put together outfit paying attention to those accents in colour, details and jewellery can take a plain look to one that screams class, warmth and comfort. I will never get tired of it: Details are the soul of your outfit. And don’t be afraid of mixing good jewellery with your cheaper numbers. If you do it with taste the result is a winner shabby chic look.

Gold stacking rings Deseo Beauty

At the end of the day, you’ll only have to hold your hair and jump straight into the office (if only!) but at least this is how light and confidence you are going to feel after this healthy and classy lunch break.

Moda otoño 2014 Zara Deseo Beauty

Which looks would you like me to feature?


Hair Extensions :: Deseo Hair #6
Shades :: Parfois
Watch :: Michael Kors 5412
Bracelets :: Sfera (& old)
Bag :: No brand (old)
Rings :: H&M & fine jewellery
Top :: Zara
Trousers :: Zara
Shoes :: Zara

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