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10 Gorgeous Free Prints For You

Fridays are the day to relax, get ready to rest and plan outings or indoor DIYs that we wanted to do and saved for those free days. 

 It’s been a while that we’ve all become addicted to prints (I’m the first one!) for parties, celebrations or decoration and since I’ve spent the whole week finding new images for the new frame I’ve eyed, I thought: why don’t I share my top 10 with all of you? I’m sure that more than one of you will print a few and I’d love to see them! Please, please, upload your pics on twitter or instagram and mention me so I can see them in action! Don’t miss the last two: a kit for parties and some vintage fashion bookmarks. Oh so pretty ones! 

 And with no further ado, let’s see that top ten of mine. Did I already mention they’re free? FREE!  

  1. French Buldog by Donna MckenzieThis is not only the most fashionable dog at the moment, but also an unbearable cute one!
  2. Dog/Bear by Ashley Percival – This one is a bit more Autum-ish, I might save it for then, but the colours are so pretty to make any spot in the home ‘pop’
  3. Kitchen by Fritha Strickland – I don’t need to say how pretty it can look on a kitchen table
  4. Elephant and Girl by Kate Durkin I love it, it’s one of those kid dream-like illustrations
  5. Blue Coat – I’m speechless! This one will be the first one I print! It’s so elegant and that blue is so powerful!
  6. Dance Steps – I love these antique illustrations where they explained styles and moves
  7. Rocking horses and Box DIYs by Dans Mon Bocal – Cute gift or decoration for the bedroom
  8. Teacups by Steph Fizer – Romantic and dreamy
  9. Printable kit for birthdays and parties by Bajo una nube – My blogger friend Macarena makes the most espectacular puddings, photography and printss in the web. The kit comes with 12 stencils for cupcake toppers, flags, bunting, etc. + 70 decorated papers. They’re so pretty!
  10. Vintage fashion bookmarks – These 50s fashion bookmarks are to seriously fall in love with! I’m going to print the 3 of them on card and tie a cotton string through the little hole. 

The web is full of fantastic free stuff like these. Let’s enjoy them and let’s not forget one of Deseo’s golden rules: make others happy, especially if they make you happy first. So let’s thank the artists for their free art! 

 Enjoy the weekend, burn that printer and send me the pics. Happy Friday!  

Do you decorate with prints? I want pictures!



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