Welcome! My name’s Ximena, I’m an Audiovisual Communicator, published writer, colour analyst with more than 100 analyses done! And creator of Deseo Beauty and its Youtube chanel. I’m based in London, UK.

“There’s more to life than feeling beautiful, but it’s a great place to start feeling powerful! Your happiness is YOUR responsibility.”

During my 13th winter, while looking at some pictures, my mum realised that my hair was looking thinner. Alarmed, we discovered that I was losing more hair than I should.
The following week I was already at the dermatologist, and long story short, after a few tests I was diagnosed with alopecia due to PCOS.

With treatments, study, and consistency, I recovered most of my hair little by little. I never gave up and continued my treatment, at the same time learning all the ways and techniques to alleviate PCOS’s impact on me. And I keep succeeding at it day by day! (Some days are better than others, to be honest!)
During all these years, I’ve learned a lot about health, happy lifestyle, personal image, and beauty treatments – due in part to my family of doctors and, of course, my personal passion for it. After discovering that PCOS is the most common endocrinological condition in women (1 in 10), I decided to create Deseo Hair, my own 100% remy clip in hair extensions.

Due to the success of Deseo Hair, you wanted to know all my lifestyle, fashion, and beauty tips, so Deseo Beauty became necessary. I’ve also spent many years learning and advising others about personal image, especially in the colour analysis field. Today I help hundreds of men and women to look their best thanks to the magic of image and colour analysis. And I share all this knowledge here in Deseo Beauty!
Thanks to Deseo, I also collaborate with companies like No7 – in theUK – where I try to bring happiness to as many women as possible. This is what we all share here in Deseo: makeup, treatments, which products are worth the hype, reviews, happy lifestyle, colour analysis… well, all those passions of mine – and yours – that make us great women.

I’m also a regular contributor to the London newspaper El Ibérico where I write and vlog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

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